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PTA Forms

Looking for forms? Here they are!
Don't see something you are looking for? CONTACT us and let us know. We will find it for you and get it posted.

Volunteer Hours Tally Form
Use this form to track your volunteer hours for our records.These hours are sent to the California State PTA and used to help keep PTA’s status as a nonprofit organization.

Print Shop Procedures and Online Form
Learn the procedures to use our print shop.

Planning an Event Sheet
Use this cheat sheet when planning an event at our school!

Waiver for Yellow Events (Eng) (Spanish)
This waiver must be used for any "Yellow" event. This includes after school clubs, access to inflatables, vendors, etc. Please see the Red, Yellow, Green list to understand what is permitted. Please understand that your PTA Executive Board is PERSONALLY LIABLE for anything that is done outside the permitted activities approved by our insurance. Please take this serious and contact a Board Member with questions.

Request for Advance

To receive an advance for an approved expense, this combined form must be approved by the president and returned to the treasurer.

Reimbursement Authorization Form
Reiumbursement must be filed within two weeks after the completion of the activity. All receipts must be attached to the expense statement. If an advance greater than the expense is received, a refund of the difference must accompany the expense statement. If expenses exceed the amount of the advance but the total does not exceed the approved amount, reimbursement of the difference can be made. If the total exceeds the approved amount, the excess amount must be approved by the board and ratified by the association before the additional amount can be reimbursed.

Vendor Check Request
Use this form to request a check to pay a vendor. Attach an invoce from the vendor.

Cash Verification Form
This form is used when counting money that comes into the PTA. It requires 2 counters and signatures.

California PTA Website and Forms (CAPTA)

Need a form you don't see? Try the CAPTA site to read about the procedures and find the forms.

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